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Perspective always provides the best lens

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I thought I was having a bad day on Thursday, until Friday morning, when I woke up at 3am and had to have an emergency appendectomy. Now that's a bad day. So here`s how it helped me put some stuff in perspective. The few things I was upset about on Thursday we`re not that big a deal, but when things don`t go your way, sometimes it can snowball and get in your head. So I like to do what I call my "7-Day Test". I just ask myself, is this something I`ll be mad about in 7 days? If the answer is No, then I let it go right then and there. Why be upset any longer than I need to be. If the answer is Yes, I keep going. Is it a month? A year? I base how upset I should feel based on how long it's going to take to me remedy, or move on from it. It makes no sense to be hung up on something for any extra amount of time. Life is too short, energy is too valuable, and it doesn't do you any good. So if you're mad about something today and realize you won't even remember it in 7 days, just let it go now. We all don`t need to get rushed to the ER to realize it. Oh, and I`m recovering just fine now. I even closed a quick $15k deal laying in my hospital bed waiting for the operating room, which of course, is made easier when customers love working with us :-)
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