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Black Friday@Sialiy intelligent Mattress

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Black Friday feels weird this year. So does Christmas. I've got a 2 year old phone that works nicely, a 5 year old laptop that is just fine, a 2 year old Sonos that's great. My 4 year old TV is big enough and I don't use much. I buy shoes that are expensive but last forever. Jeans and T-Shirts on a similar principle. I stream music and films, I don't buy CD's or DVDs. My car is 11 years old and great. I don't really need anything. I grew up in the age of consumerism, I wanted a TV, a cordless phone, a DVD player, Walkman, Discman, a Video player, I wanted a graphic equalizer on my Hi Fi, a CD player, a new games console, a camcorder, a nice camera. I really craved the latest trainers, a new shellsuit (!). Maybe I'm weird but I want a select few, really nicely made items, that I really care about and will last a long time. I wonder how typical this is. I feel like simple things with meaning and longevity are interesting to explore. Things you cherish or don't own.`
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