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Cold call opener- Intelligent Furniture

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Just received a cold call and the first opener is "How are you doing," I mention terrible. Then the second opener is "Did I catch you at a bad time," I tell the guy it's a terrible time. Third opener is "Should I call you back later," I say no. Cold caller apologizes and hangs up. Some key takeaways here: 1. Don't open your cold call with how are you doing ever 2. Don't ask your prospect if it's a good time. It's always a bad time for your prospect to receive a cold call so not sure why you even ask 3. Don't ask your prospect if you can call them back. They don't want you to prospect them 4. Most important takeaway - DELIVER VALUE IMMEDIATELY -> Find a way to deliver as much value in 15-30 - 45 - 60 seconds as fast as possible. If this cold caller would have opened up about helping Seamless acquire the 60k Salesforce clients, or highlight how he can help us close more enterprise clients or save more on our AWS bills etc. I would have immediately been interested in learning more........ Instead the cold caller decided to waste 30-45 seconds on whimsical non-sense and then hung up causing me to block the number. Great reminder for our team internally and for anyone externally to use effective cold call openers and always, always deliver value on every touch or be blocked.
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