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Take good care of yourself from healthy sleep

Release time:2020/04/13 丨 Source of articles:未知 丨 Browse times:

        Whether your life is boring or full of fun, you need a grateful heart to create and nourish your life. Some people in countless confused or helpless days, it may have been used to such a life. But when you look back on your steps, do you forget that what you have is the most real and need to be protected?
        Yes, we need to embrace ourselves and thank ourselves. Thank you for your hard work in this year, thank you for your growth in this year, thank you for your efforts to make life better!

        There is no gift more worthy of praise than having a "better self"! And a good sleep is the best investment in yourself. Compared with other gifts, a good set of intelligent mattress may be your wise choice. It will help you improve your temperament and image from inside to outside at this moment, and face life with a better self.

        Smart mattresses are like beauticians, they always give you the beauty you want

        Many girls are careful in their skin care, but they work diligently to stay up all night, and then use lipstick, eye shadow and blush to help improve their complexion. The result is to wipe thousands of dollars of cream and eye cream, but not skin care, but the girl who goes to bed early has good skin. It can be seen that the negative effects of insufficient sleep and irregular life are far from what these skin care products and cosmetics can help themselves.

        In fact, sleep is the best skin care product. Instead of spending a lot of money on skin care products and cosmetics every year, it's better to buy a set of smart mattress home. Compared with the disadvantages of time-consuming and laborious cosmetics, it is much easier to sleep in a high-quality beauty sleep.

        Intelligent mattress can provide you with high-grade materials such as latex memory cotton and bamboo charcoal warm memory cotton. Among them, the imported latex material, natural environmental protection, not easy to be allergic; the temperature sensitive characteristics of memory cotton, elastic support, soft and hard degree; close to the body, slow pressure, eliminate body fatigue, let people sleep at ease; bamboo charcoal temperature sensitive memory cotton mattress, three-dimensional breathable fabric, dry and comfortable, mild skin friendly, anti mite and antibacterial, dehumidification and odor removal; The temperature sensing factor is more plastic, slow rebound, making people feel comfortable lying on the water and clouds

        Intelligent mattress is a "sleep management expert", caring for your health

        Xiong Dun in "go away, cancer king" said: "when disease knowledge has not sprouted in the body, we will always do things that do not cherish the body, thinking that the disease is far away from us. However, when we find ourselves ill, even if you have the greatest determination to overcome it, you must hope that it will not happen, and regret nothing has also helped. " And often insomnia or lack of sleep, beauty sleep no chance not to say, great harm to health. For example, it is easy to induce depression, increase people's weight, make people forgetful and stupid, and even increase people's risk of death!

        The sleep sensing monitoring system of the intelligent mattress is equipped with a powerful non-contact mechanical sensor, which can help to detect the whole night's body movement, track the data of sleep stage, sleep time, wake-up time, heart rate and snoring. Connect to the mobile app, the smart mattress will display your sleep information on the mobile app, the sleep quality is clear at a glance, and even remind you of potential health problems. This kind of intelligent mattress is like a sleep management expert, caring for your health.

        The intelligent mattress can also be a "magician", which can make troubles and pressure disappear

        As the saying goes, sometimes truth is so simple. Sleep well and keep your energy up. When you wake up the next day, you will feel like you are covered with armor, so you will have the strength to eliminate all difficulties. The intelligent mattress has the magic power to make you energetic. Its intelligent wake-up function will let the system detect that you have entered the light sleep mode from the deep sleep mode, and then it will wake you up at the best time. This kind of intelligent mattress can make you sleep and wake up so calm and relaxed, and give you a refreshing day.

        Time passes like a fleeting horse, a blink of an eye has been a white hair year. When you are still thinking that you can muddle through the day, when you feel that worry and depression can disappear with the passage of time, do you think that, in fact, we need to change. Change our irregular and unfriendly quality of life, and sleep, as the foundation of health, is always a stumbling block for us to move forward. The intelligent mattress is designed to solve these sleep problems. It is based on the principle of ergonomics. It will keep your sleep life in order, so that life will no longer be depressed by those worries and depression!
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