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Intelligent mattress vs electric bed, what's the best?

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       Recently, a friend who bought a smart mattress told me that he used to use an electric bed, but the electric bed is not good at all, it is bulky and uncomfortable, and it is ridiculed and said by relatives that it looks rustic and not elegant at all. Now the intelligent mattress is much better than the electric bed in terms of sleep quality and appearance, and the price is not expensive. In fact, I know more about intelligent mattress and electric bed. After all, I have many years of experience in this industry.

       So, today I want to talk to you about why more and more people are willing to buy smart mattresses instead of electric beds?Intelligent mattress vs electric bed, who is more suitable for the requirements of modern intelligent bedding?
       1. The intelligent mattress is a mattress and a bedstead, and the bedstead is placed in the interior of the mattress, so it can be used easily without installation. In addition, the length and width of the intelligent mattress 180cm * 90cm is only 40kg, which is very convenient to carry. In addition to the mattress and bedstead, the electric bed also needs to use the bed splint, which needs to be assembled by on-site professionals, and the same length and width of 180cm * 90cm The weight of the electric bed is 80kg, which is very inconvenient to carry.

       2. The intelligent mattress has an independent bag spring, which is elastic when sleeping, and any bedstead can be matched for convenience and comfort; while the electric bed does not have a spring, which has no comfort, and is only limited to the inner diameter bedstead matching, which is very inconvenient.
       3. When the intelligent mattress is opened and lowered, the sponge layer keeps pace with the function frame and will not move, while the fabric of the intelligent mattress can stream cotton balls and will not fold when it is opened and lowered; when the electric bed is opened and lowered, the mattress will move, which needs to be protected by the copper bar, in addition, the fabric is single-layer and will slide when it is opened and lowered.

       4. The intelligent mattress adopts embedded functional steel frame, which is completely inside the mattress and hides the steel frame; while the steel frame of the electric bed is exposed, which makes people feel a bit rustic and unsightly, and then it will not show the grade.

       5. Just because the steel frame of the intelligent mattress is placed inside the mattress, consumers can use it safely and safely without worrying about whether the steel frame pinches hands or feet during operation or use, or whether the intelligent mattress is unsafe. Because the steel frame is exposed, the electric bed needs to be aware of its own safety at all times during operation or use, for fear that the exposed steel frame will hurt hands, feet or body His position.

       6. The bearing capacity of intelligent mattress can reach 150kg, which is fully suitable for the use of ordinary family members; while the bearing capacity of electric bed is only between 80-100kg due to the need of steel frame to support mattress, which is difficult to apply to the obese people.

       7. Sialiy intelligent mattress is designed without plywood. The mattress material uses the natural imported latex with environmental protection and zero formaldehyde, so consumers can safely use it; while the electric bed on the market has plywood, and the mattress material used is ordinary, with high formaldehyde content and poor environmental protection experience.
       Looking at some of the above comparisons, I believe you also know that intelligent mattress has so many advantages over electric bed, right?! In fact, no matter in comfort, safety and environmental protection, intelligent mattress is better than electric bed!
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