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Advantages of smart bed and smart mattress

Release time:2020/04/03 丨 Source of articles:未知 丨 Browse times:

        In the new century, our social life has changed dramatically. Take home life as an example. Now, intelligent and electric bedding has already entered our eyes. In this way, intelligent bedding has been sought after and loved by the market. Intelligent bedding is undoubtedly the intelligent electrification of bedding. Just like intelligent electric bed and intelligent electric mattress. Of course, the former and the latter are different, their structure, function and positioning are different. Let's talk about the advantages of these two kinds of bedding in detail.

        Intelligent electric bed is undoubtedly bed intellectualization, which includes the whole set of bed body, bed frame and mattress products, which are divided into row frame and bed board. Generally, there are 5-SECTION row frame adjustment. The motor and sensor are used to automatically adjust the lifting angle of each part of the bed frame, and the sleep data is tested through the mobile app to analyze the sleep quality.
        The intelligent mattress does not include the bed, but includes the bed frame (inside the mattress) and the mattress, which can be used with the ordinary bed. The material of intelligent mattress is mostly natural latex and memory sponge, which is not only environment-friendly, healthy, comfortable and durable, but also antibacterial.

        The intelligent mattress also uses the motor and the sensor to automatically adjust the lifting angle of each part of the bedstead (inside the mattress), which has the functions of heating and heat preservation, health massage, up and down the head and the tail of the bed, etc. it can also detect the sleep data and analyze the sleep quality through the mobile phone app.
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