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Comparison of several mattresses

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        We know that human beings evolved from the early apes, and it took millions of years to become the present higher animals - human beings. So, do you know the evolution of the bed? In fact, in the early days, most people slept on stone slabs and wooden boards, on natural thatch, and in the later period, cotton was used as mattresses. With the continuous improvement of human material demand, the first mattress was born in the United States in the 1870s and entered China in the early 20th century.

        With the passage of time, mattresses are also constantly improving. Now, let's introduce several kinds of mattresses with different materials and functions. Which kind of mattress is more suitable for the needs of modern bedding?

       1.3D mattress


        It is a mattress made of a single 3D material. It is generally composed of a double-sided mesh and a middle connecting wire. It has good air permeability and resilience. The thickness of the mattress is determined by the number of layers of the material. The thickness of the general mattress is made of 8-10 layers of 3D material, and then the outer coat is sewed with a sanmeiji mesh or 3D material.

       2. Ordinary spring mattress


        One of the most important characteristics of spring mattress is its durability and impact resistance, which is the main reason why most people choose it. The spring itself is evenly stressed and can bear every part of the body repeatedly. However, the spring itself is affected by its shape. In order to ensure the quality of the spring, antirust chemical coating will be applied on the surface. If you sleep with spring mattress for a long time, it is easy to have backache, which leads to the body's uncomfortable reaction.

       3. Latex mattress


        Latex mattress is made of latex, which is a natural material. It is mild and has no pungent smell. When it is hot, it will not have toxic substances. The elasticity of latex mattress is particularly good, and the latex is porous structure. Therefore, the porous property of the mattress makes the mattress have good air permeability, better heat dissipation, and antibacterial and bactericidal effect. Of course, latex mattress is more expensive (compared with other non intelligent mattresses), consumers can choose according to their own economic conditions. Now the market price-effective latex mattress brand like sialiy mattress is very good, can be used as a reference.

       4. Palm mattress


        Palm mattress is a kind of hard mattress. It has strong toughness and hardness, and its price is lower than other mattresses. Of course, sleeping on it is also relatively dry and breathable, but the durability of palm mattress is relatively poor, the load-bearing capacity is not strong, and it is easy to deform. In addition, because the palm itself is made of hard materials, the comfort of sleep may be relatively poor. Once it is not well maintained, it is easy to get moldy or moth.

       5. Sponge mattress


        Made of sponge, it is very soft, just like being comfortable and gentle in the sea. But too soft, not conducive to a good state of sleep.

       6. water mattress


        The water mattress is also a kind of mattress, mainly a water bag filled with water; the water mattress uses the principle of buoyancy to help sleep, and some can also be electrified to adjust the temperature. However, the water mattress is not easy to move. It is troublesome to change the water and the price is relatively high. For the elderly, massage effect is not good.

       7. Intelligent mattress


        The smart mattress itself is operated by intelligent and electric equipment. Take sialy smart mattress for example. It uses mobile phone to download app or remote control to control the up and down of the mattress, as well as the heating and heat preservation of the mattress. It can also use the mattress for massage therapy. Click the night light button, the mattress will become a gorgeous night scene. In addition, you can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi Listen to music and so on. All kinds of powerful functions can be achieved by one key remote control, which is convenient and quick.

        We know that modern urban life is very boring and boring, especially when you come home from work, how I hope to get rid of the busy and busy working state of the city as soon as possible, and enter into my own ideal life state. No matter from comfort, safety, environmental protection and convenience, compared with other types of mattresses, intelligent mattresses are better and more suitable for people's urgent needs of modern home life.
        Therefore, the author strongly suggests that friends who need to buy mattresses, intelligent mattresses have long been the mainstream products in modern household bedding, which can bring us not only the above advantages, but also more health and happiness!
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