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Find a sleep specialist? Smart mattress is good!

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        Sleep is the root of people's long-term health, good sleep will have good spirit to work and study.
        In today's tense and busy society, how can we make ourselves have good sleep quality? In fact, a good sleep can not be separated from a comfortable, durable, sanitary and environmental protection mattress. However, there are many kinds of mattresses on the market. How to choose good mattresses is what everyone who wants to have high quality sleep must pay attention to.


       1、 Palm mattress

        The main component of palm mattress is palm fiber, which is hard and thick. It will emit natural palm smell during use, which may be caused by high formaldehyde content, poor durability, deformation and collapse when used for a long time. It is easy to have problems of moth or mildew.

       2、 3D mattress

        It is a mattress made of a single 3D material. It is generally composed of a double-sided mesh and a middle connecting wire. It has good air permeability and resilience. The thickness of the mattress is determined by the number of layers of the material. The thickness of the general mattress is made of 8-10 layers of 3D material, and then the outer coat is sewed with a sanmeiji mesh or 3D material.

       3、 Spring mattress

        The cushion core is composed of spring, which is full of elasticity, but its supporting performance is poor, and its air permeability and durability are relatively good. It is one of the mattresses that people choose more in daily life, with its high cost performance. With the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the types of spring mattresses are also diversified and can be divided into many categories, which greatly enriches people's choice.


       4、 Sponge mattress

        Made of sponge, it is very soft, just like being comfortable and gentle in the sea. But too soft, not conducive to a good state of sleep.


       5、 Latex mattress

        As we all know, compared with palm and sponge mattresses, latex has better environmental protection and lower formaldehyde content. If latex mattresses are made of latex only, their water absorption is good, and there is a fragrance of latex when they sleep. However, the pure latex mattress is still relatively soft to sleep. It is not customized according to the principles of ergonomics. The sleeping posture cannot be corrected. It may cause some backache when waking up.


       6、 Intelligent mattress

        Intelligent mattress, as the name implies, is an intelligent, remote-controlled electric mattress. The intelligent mattress controls the lifting of the mattress through the remote control or mobile phone download app interface. Various lifting operations can be carried out at the head and tail of the mattress. In addition, other functions can be added, such as Bluetooth connection, audio function, vibration massage, sound wave massage, heating, etc.

        According to the principle of ergonomics, the intelligent mattress is customized in seven sections, which is in line with human sleeping habits and can correct bad sleeping posture. At the same time, as a high-end mattress, intelligent mattress contains a variety of high-end materials. For example, sialy intelligent mattress contains natural latex, high elastic sponge, space memory cotton, non-woven fabric, independent bag spring bag, customized high-end fabric, etc. Intelligent mattress is not only environmental friendly but also comfortable and durable, which is the mainstream product of modern bedding development.

        Based on the above several mattresses, it is easy to see that intelligent mattress is the most worthy mattress to be used as bedding. As a part of smart home life, it is also the most important part. Intelligent mattress is also constantly innovating and advancing with the times, so as to make better and more efficient sleep bedding exhibition in front of the world and become the intelligent product that people are eager to buy and praise.
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