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Different life starts with smart mattress

Release time:2019/12/18 丨 Source of articles:未知 丨 Browse times:

        As we all know, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the problem of sleep quality. An ordinary mattress can no longer meet people's needs for life in the new era; and having an electric latex mattress has become the favorite and respected by people who pursue healthy and comfortable life in the new era. Therefore, people begin to pursue the new experience of smart home. At this time, the smart mattress also came into being, which opened the "one button remote control lifting system" for everyone, helping the smart home life to move towards a better tomorrow. Next let's see how smart mattresses work for your smart life with mobile phones!

        We only need to use mobile phone to download app to control bed movement change in a long and short distance, with 24 powerful practical functions. Open the app applet to enter the four interfaces for adjustment. The first interface is mobile phone operation / lifting control, which can adjust the lifting height of the back leg at will according to your own preferences; the second interface is mobile phone operation / practical function, Xe hand in hand with German oikn to open a new humanized intelligent mattress standard for you, the system can automatically match the deep sleep angle for you, can store your favorite lifting angle, and next time you can reach your stored angle with one key Degree; the third interface, mobile phone operation / massage physiotherapy control, click massage, instantly experience the cloud feeling; the fourth interface, mobile phone operation / intelligent night light control, motor night light button, intelligent mattress will become a gorgeous night scene. Get up at night and don't have to turn on the bedroom light to disturb your wife and children.

        The intelligent mattress can adjust the mattress to the ideal comfortable sleeping posture through the remote control operation of the mobile phone, match with the comfortable and soft natural latex inner core, effectively absorb the sleep fluctuation, massage the body, and create a comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment. The built-in intelligent massage system can open the massage function at the same time of lifting and stretching, and further achieve the function of relaxing the texture. The massage intensity can be adjusted freely. A total of 24 massage positions are set, which can relax all over the body. The key to high quality sleep is complete relaxation in bed

        Whether it's reading or watching TV, or having breakfast in bed... Tap the button to set up to sit or lie down, or even raise your legs to increase blood circulation.

        Smart mattress is so amazing, it makes your sleep life no longer monotonous, and no longer worry about being unable to sleep at night.
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