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What are the functions of intelligent mattress?

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        In the past, when it comes to intelligent mattress, it always gives people a mysterious scene with a sense of technology. Nowadays, smart home life has begun to develop rapidly in developed countries. Due to the acceleration of globalization, China has been catching up with the developed countries in the field of smart home.
        And the intelligent mattress is to inject intelligent and electric technology into the mattress itself, which makes the mattress also have powerful intelligent function, very convenient to meet the comfortable and healthy bedding life of modern people. So what functions does the intelligent mattress have and what kind of charm does it contain? Let's have a look.
       1. Intelligent control angle can be adjusted freely

        The steps of life are too fast, it's easy to ignore the scenery around you. You need to walk more slowly and enjoy the sunshine and breeze. Day, walk in the pure beautiful scenery, night, sleep on a blooming flower bed, have a good dream.
       2. Healthy massage: eliminate fatigue, regulate body information, and enhance physique

        The magnified delicacy, close-up beauty and the appearance of each intelligent mattress are designed by experienced product designers according to the needs and comfort of human sleep. Each function has been tested for tens of thousands of times to ensure that it is practical, warm and comfortable, and precisely built. Each angle reveals perfect quality and protects your dream of a good night.
       3. Intelligent remote control system: controllable lifting angle, heating and other functions

        The classic of the times has nothing to do with the passage of time, more subtle consideration and more humanized design. The intelligent mattress designer is determined to surpass the classic works to meet the needs of busy people in the city, soft as the warmth of home, relax the tense nerves and tired body, slowly fall asleep in the light music, and gradually indulge in the wonderful dreamland with his family.
       4. Breakthrough heating design rejects cold limbs

        A dream comes to life, and peace is the key. The beauty of life is reflected in clear mood and daily clothes, in common utensils, and in private exclusive space. Intelligent mattress is not only beautiful and practical, but also has quality charm, adding many elegant, comfortable and warm life interest.
        From design to production, the intelligent mattress follows the ergonomics. It is filled with natural latex and memory cotton. It is highly elastic and flexible, full of skin touch, and breaks through the traditional shackles. Combined with the new technology, the intelligent mattress is made with ingenuity, so that you can have a healthy, free and natural sleep.
        The long years have condensed Fanghua. In the charm of retro simplicity, you can find the calm and affectionate time to implement high quality and service. Intelligent mattress makes you feel special.
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