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How to choose latex mattress?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for mattresses are getting higher and higher, and the development of mattresses is also advancing rapidly. From ordinary cotton mattresses to the current latex mattresses, both in technology and comfort have been greatly improved. So how to choose a suitable latex mattress? What's the price of latex mattress?


Method / step

1. When purchasing the latex mattress, the ordinary rubber bed and spring cotton bed are specially compared. The latex mattress is indeed much better in shock and static protection, and the comfort is also very high. There's a reason why it's expensive!

2. Just like the price of each product is different in different places, the price of latex mattress is not necessarily the same in different stores. And in this brand for the king's era, latex mattress brand is countless. But on the whole, the price is between 5000 and 20000. Good brands are basically over 10000, and most of them are between 15000 and 1999.


3. When choosing latex mattress, we should first position the price we can accept. So, I set my position on about 10000 mattresses, and then re screened three brands that I was satisfied with. Combined with my own conditions, after some thinking, I finally chose the latex mattress with the price of 8999 yuan. Due to the business activities, but also sent two more pure latex pillows, comfort is also very good.

4. In the process of purchasing latex mattresses, I found that many businesses have a variety of purchase activities, such as buying mattresses to send five sets of bedding, buying bedstead mattresses with a 20% discount, etc. If there are also these needs, it's a lot of money to buy. What's important is that the quality of the gifts is very good.

5. I think it's better to choose a big brand recognized by everyone when buying pure natural latex mattress. Don't covet the low price of ordinary brands. Otherwise, it will not only buy inferior products, but also affect your sleep quality.

The above is about how to choose latex mattress. If you have a better choice, you can share it with Xiaobian.
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