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Choosing a Mattress

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There are three main types of mattresses: corespring mattress, memory foam mattress, and airmattresses.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Core spring mattresses tend to be less expensive and with a nice pillow top are quite comfortable. These can be combined with a good but less expensive foundation (box springs)to lessen the cost. They are easy to move/rotate toextend the life of the mattress. However, theindustry has no standard for the [firmness" of themattress, so comparison shopping nearly impossible. The most common
complaint is
 sagging (regardless of one`s weight).

Memory foam mattresses conform to your body which may cause less pressure points on your body. They usually do not develop sagging andthere is limited motion transfer. However, they are
expensive, tend to trap heat ([sleeps hot"), and some find it is hard to change positions.


Air mattresses are very adjustable in terms of the firmness desired, they are light weight and there is limited motion transfer. Common complaints are the noise the motor makes to change the levels offirmness and some complain of uneven sleep surface firmness. There has been some questionof quality and durability.


So Which One is the Best?
The medical consensus at this time is to look for a[mattress of medium firmness." Patients report good satisfactions with all types. The best way to find out which is best for you is to try them out.Spend at least 20-30 minutes in each bed. The store owners expect this, so don`t be afraid to try it out. It is worth taking the time. A good mattress will last for 7 to 10 years.

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