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To improve sleep quality, you can actually sleep well

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Poor sleep can not only lead to troublesome dark circles, but also threaten people's health. Light people are apathetic, tired and weak, and those with severe memory loss, neurasthenia, dizziness, and even affect people's heart and lung function. . Medical facts also tell people that the importance of sleep is second only to breathing and heartbeat. Improving sleep quality is the voice of all those who suffer from insomnia. The bedroom environment, from temperature to light, has a great influence on the quality of sleep.

Choosing the right bedding should be made of perspiration, breathable material bedding, such as cotton, wool, silk, bamboo fiber and linen. Polyester, synthetic satin and other materials cannot discharge moisture, and they sleep more and get hotter. Bedding materials should feel smooth and comfortable. If you are allergic to dust or mold, use allergen-resistant mattresses and pillowcases and clean them often. 

Keeping the bedroom tidy The messy bedroom can make it difficult to relax and cause distractions while you sleep. Take a little time each day to tidy up the room and make sure that the items in your home are [in place" and that it will be easier to fall asleep. 

Ensure the comfort of the mattress The American Sleep Association states that mattresses will be replaced after 5 to 7 years of use. The latest issue of the Consumer Report stated that the mattress should be replaced when it feels "uncomfortable to sleep." Some studies have pointed out that replacing old mattresses can improve people's stress points and relieve back pain. 

Timely Change of Pillows Pillows are also important for sleeping comfort and should be replaced more frequently than mattresses. Imitation down pillows and polyester-filled pillows should be replaced after 1 to 2 years of use. Memory foams, latex, down, buckwheat hulls and other pillows can be properly used if properly used. Pillows that are too low, too high, or do not provide comfortable support can cause neck pain and back pain. Therefore, if the mattress is used well and the neck feels sore after waking up, the pillow is probably the "culprit." 

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