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Sleeping position and Personality traits- Sialiy intelligent

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Sleeping position and Personality traits Sialiy intelligent Mattress


Fetal Sleeping Position: One of the most popular sleeping positions – Fetal position is the position where a person sleeps on his/ her side with legs curled up. It may look a little uncomfortable but in actual it`s quite comfortable position to sleep for most.
A study conducted by Chris Idzikowski, Director – UK sleep assessment and advisory services, about 41% people sleep in this position. This experiment also showed that women sleep in this position two times more than men do.

Personality trait: Those who like to sleep in this position are often described as having a [hard outside and soft inside". They appear to be shy when you first meet them and they open up fast.

Freefall Sleeping Position: In this sleep position, the person sleeps on his/ her stomach with the head turned either sides and hands wrapped around the pillow. Sleeping on your stomach may be uncomfortable for a lot but for those who love it, there is no other way.

Personality trait: Those who like to sleep in this position are people with free personality types. They tend to be very sociable people and can also be a little brash at times. Despite their [free" outlook, they tend to be nervous from inside and often are over-sensitive to criticism.

Yearner Sleeping position: Again, a very common side sleeping position, where a person sleeps on his/her side with arms stretched out in front.

Personality trait: Those who sleep like this are somewhat complicated. They tend to be open-minded but they also remain in suspicion. Generally, they are very open and inviting. They take long to make a decision but stick to it, once they make up their mind.

Soldier Sleeping Position: In this position, the person sleeps on his/her back with arms straight down at their side. Though, not very common sleeping position, some people find this position gives them maximum sleep. Only about 8% of the people sleep this way.

Personality trait: As the name says, people sleeping in this position take themselves very seriously and are very organized. They tend to have very high expectations about themselves and people around them. These people are usually very quiet and reserved. They expect strict moral values and high standards from themselves and from others.

Starfish Sleeping Position: This sleeping position also looks just the way it sounds – Starfish. The people who sleep in this position cover the entire bed and look comfortable/ carefree. This position is by far the least preferred sleeping position. A person stretching out like this generally makes a good friend.

Personality trait: Those who sleep like this are always eager to listen to their friends in need. They are the first one to give a helping hand. They really don`t do this to become the center of attention, but they don`t mind if they find themselves in the spot-light time and again.

Log Sleeping Position: About 15% people seem to sleep in this position, i.e. lying on side with arms by their side. The position may sound boring but on the contrary, people sleeping in this position are generally very social and extrovert.

Personality trait: These are the [social butterflies". They tend to be friendly, carefree, trustworthy and socially active people but at the same time they are known for being gullible.

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